Kinetisense Software

Cutting edge movement screening technology

What is Kinetisense

Kinetisense is a comprehensive movement software that utilizes the Microsoft Kinect camera to analyze all three planes of human movement, creating a full 3D rendering of the patient, thus removing all guesswork on behalf of the clinician . It offers real-time biofeedback and video analysis of a patient's movement, all without the patient having to wear sensors. Using the technology, I can perform functional movement analysis, posture screens, balance/concussion screens, and analyze type of sports movement you can think of.

Posture Analysis

The Posture Analysis is cutting edge for several reasons. One of the biggest advantages Kinetisense possesses over other posture screens is the software is able to see a patient's dynamic posture as opposed to their static posture. In other words, the technology picks up posture changes from second to second, as opposed to just getting a snapshot of it. With this information I can see the subtle changes in how your posture changes while stationary.

Balance Screen

The Balance Screen assessment is a useful tool from assessing anything from functionality and neurological processing to traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and concussions. Using that information, I can work on optimizing functional neurological performance, and ensuring you are neurologically cleared to go back to your sport.

Functional Movement Analysis

From deadlifts and squats to golf swings and vertical jumps, the Kinetisense is able to pick up all forms of functional movement and provide objective data for where is there is biomechanical dysfunction. Feeling like something is off during a workout, or feeling pain performing a specific movement? Schedule a movement assessment and let's find out the true cause of your issues!

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